How We Got Started….

Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC was founded upon American Values – God first, family, business ideas, hard work and completing the plan. Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC emerged in Indianapolis, IN; home of the world famous Indianapolis 500. The Midwest is known for the power house record label Motown Records and Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC was also formed to make such a difference throughout the music world.
Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC believes that in unity we stand and in unity there is strength. Knowing this coupled with our versatilities we find that our inner creative genius shines through. Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC has helped others by feeding the homeless and helping rebuild communities around the world. Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC believes that if we all come together we can create infinite possibilities and defy the odds of life.
Every year Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC donates to Reverend Mozel Sanders; feeding the hungry at Thanks Giving, donates to the Julian Center for battered women and children. They have donated to the surviving victims of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina and the victims in the 2010 Earthquake Catastrophe in Haiti. Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC continues making a difference with donations to various church ministries and organizations, knowing that charity starts at home first.
Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC has performed at venues in Fort Wayne Indiana, Various clubs in Indianapolis, IN, Louisville KY and other various stages throughout the United States.Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC stands on the belief that there is enough to go around for everyone and they incorporate that same idea with marketable music of an amiable standard for those who would otherwise have no voice in the music industry
Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC prides itself on being a One – Stop Corporation for Artists from all genres, all across the globe. Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC also specializes in:
Consulting – Providing the necessary tools and devising strategies to help Artists reach their goals.
Show Bookings – Present the proper Artist with the appropriate venue.
Recording and Mixing and Mastering – Professional sounding products are one of the pertinent keys for achievement.
Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC has made its way into the Indianapolis Star newspaper and has also made special guest appearances on the Entertainment WorldWide Network based in Los Angeles, CA. Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC is the label of the future having the belief that we can all come together and generate something positive in everybody.


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