Entertainment Worldwide Network (CALL IN 619-639-4709 10PM EST / 7PM PST is a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like-minded business professionals like yourself recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities. The Entertainment Worldwide Network is a type of social network whose reason for existing is to generate business.

We create models of networking activities that when followed, build new business relationships and generate opportunities at the same time. The Entertainment Worldwide Network is a platform for implementation of information technology in support of businesses. Networking is a more cost-effective method of generating new revenues than advertising or public relations efforts. This is because business networking is a low-cost activity that involves more personal commitment and less start up capitol. We are bringing back the barter system. Moreover a business network may also agree to meet weekly or monthly with the purpose of exchanging business leads and referrals with fellow members.

To complement this activity, members often meet outside this circle, on their own time and build their own one-to-one relationship with fellow members. The entertainment industry consists of a large number of sub-industries devoted to commercially popular performing arts, especially musical theatre, vaudeville, comedy, film, and music. We have a great panel: Don Jr – CEO of Entertainment World Wide Network / Impressive Concepts Inc. (12 Years Exp) and Ann Daley of Ukneekly U / Impressive Concepts Inc. Our SPECIAL GUESTS WILL HELP YOU BECOME BETTER BUSINESS PEOPLE!


To download shows visit http://www.entertainmentworldwidenetwork.com


To find out more visit our site. http://www.impressiveconceptsinc.com


To find out more visit our site. http://www.UkneeklyU.com


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Entertainment WorldWide Network



Call 10pm EST / 7pm PST 6196394709


Los Angeles, CA – Office

DON JR – CEO – #EWWNRADIO :: 8183585722

To find out more visit our site. www.impressiveconceptsinc.com

Los Angeles, CA – Office

Ann Daley The Queen Of The Movement – #EWWNRADIO :: 8186430849

To find out more visit our site. www.ukneeklyu.com

Indianapolis, IN – Office :: Music Publishing

Iran “Geronimoe Bill$” Reed – Wyze Lyfe Records, LLC :: 3179878365

To find out more visit our site. www.wyzelyferecords.com

Denver, CO – Office :: Show Booking & Talent Agent

Dionna Harding – Black Pearl Entertainment :: 7204200135

To find out more visit our site. www.denverblackpearl.com


Raleigh, NC – Office :: Life Lession Live Host

Earl “Pastor E. J.” Johnson – Harvest Internation Ministries :: 9198013436

To find out more visit our site. www.ejlive.net

Charlotte, NC – Office :: VoiceOver & Beat Production

Philip “Big Daddy” Rainey – 403 Productions, LLC :: 7049048228

To find out more visit our site. www.403mob.com

Tacoma, WA – Office :: The Presenation of Gospel Host

Reverend Lee “Minister Rice” Rice – Heavenly Scent :: 2538312470

To find out more visit our site. www.ministerrice.com

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Entertainment WorldWide Network


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